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It is an autonomous body that aims to provide students an assured success in their way of learning by providing them proper assistance in the process & encourage them to acquire true knowledge .Like every year the academic session at Brookwood academicians is about to commence and I would like to take the opportunity to welcome you all. Education can be likened to a great big canvas and this year we would like our students to throw as much paint as they can on the canvas of their education. I appeal to the students, the parents and the teachers to value and uphold the importance of intrinsic motivation. This year I have no doubt that our students will throw themselves into their education, they will make the most of the canvas of opportunity that they are offered and they will paint the goals that they aspire to. I have no doubt that if they remain motivated in the classroom, then they will achieve their goals. Their education is sound, creative and innovative , together with the parents and the students themselves, will help to make this a reality.. contacts- 033 - 26783626 / +91 9163683627 e- mail brookwood1998@yahoo.com.

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